Winning Even The Toughest Case

St. Louis, Missouri (April 25, 2018)- Violent crimes are very serious and are often prosecuted aggressively. It can be almost impossible for the government to give an offer in these cases, therefore pleading guilty with no plea bargain or going to trial are often the only options. These crimes have the potential to have harsh penalties and lengthy prison sentences as well. Having a lawyer that is confident in their ability to bring a Not Guilty verdict from trial can keep you from spending a life sentence in prison.

One criminal defense attorney in St. Louis is Charles Barberio and his team at The People’s Counsel. They take pride in their long list of successful Not Guilty verdicts and overcoming many obstacles during a trial. No matter what they are presented with, whether it be lying witnesses, coerced confessions, lying police officers and large-scale criminal investigations, they have the ability to win even the toughest of cases. They have proven their credibility with receiving plea bargain negotiations for their clients even when the government has a substantial case against them.

The People’s Counsel knows that each case is unique, approaching them all differently. The threat of the government losing at trial is sometimes enough for them to consider plea bargain discussions resulting in probation, a reduction in the offense charge, and a minimum prison sentence. Check out their website if you or anyone you know is dealing with criminal charges and fill out the form for a free consultation.


The People’s Counsel
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