New Ways to Advertise

Advertising used to be restricted to magazine ads, flyers, and radio scripts but you can now advertise on a coffee sleeve or custom coaster.  These are rapidly becoming the new way to deliver a message because coasters are a way to reach a specific target market and buying coffee in the morning is extremely popular.  As a matter of fact, U.S. coffee shops combine for a total revenue of $10 billion per year.

Coffee is also one of the most common drinks to facilitate a date or a networking meeting.  These can be some of the better times to send a message with a custom coffee sleeve advertisement.  One of the other drinks found at a date or after-hours work meeting is beer.  You’ll find that breweries have started to adapt to the idea of custom coasters.  At first, it seems as if a bar or restaurant wouldn’t need to advertise to someone who is already using a product or service, but this is actually the perfect time to send a message with an advertisement on a custom coaster.  Every time the customer lifts their drink their coaster becomes visible and they can be reminded of upcoming events at that particular location.  Establishments might also use custom coasters to encourage patrons to try new products.