Mackler Associates is very saddened to announce the passing of their founder, Leona Mackler, Ph.D. Dr. Mackler never let her medical struggles get in the way of her characteristic determination, strength, or humor. Even up until the very end, she continued to have a positive and feisty attitude.


She knew her entire life that education was the only career path that suited her. From the beginning, when she began teaching for the St. Louis Public School system, her colleagues recognized her extraordinary abilities. She was promoted on numerous accounts in just a short time frame, from principal to deputy superintendent, where she performed tasks such as restructuring the curriculum in the classroom and helping aid the process of desegregation.


When St. Louis ACT and SAT Test Prep firm Mackler Associates was founded in 1982, Dr. Mackler was able to embrace her one on one interaction with students again. She started off conducting tutoring sessions from the space of her own home, which helped her build a business whose central ideas focused on customized and individual focus through tutoring, test preparation and mentoring services. Dr. Mackler wanted her legacy to be the successful journeys through life of all of the students that she taught, inspiring them that with dedication and a positive attitude, all of their unimaginable dreams could come true.

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